When we come together as a community to listen to and learn from each other, we have the power to impact neighborhoods, communities, and lives. That's what On the Table is all about. 


what is on the table?

On Tuesday, October 22, 2019, residents of Richland and Lexington Counties will come together to share ideas for improving our region. On the Table is a one-day opportunity to gather over mealtime conversations to build personal connections and explore how we can work together to make our communities stronger. 

Your voice matters. And when we share our voices and listen to each other, we have the power to make our communities great. It simply takes a conversation. 

We invite you and your families, neighbors, colleagues, and friends to pull up a chair, share a meal, and discuss the way in which we — as individuals and as a collective — can, and do, work to make our communities stronger.


People from Richland and Lexington Counties, from all walks of life, are invited to host and attend On the Table discussions.


Anywhere! The conversations can be hosted in homes, schools, restaurants, places of worship, libraries, offices, parks, and other community locations. Meals can be sit-down, catered, brown bag, picnic, or potluck. They can happen over breakfast, coffee, lunch, dinner, dessert, or an afternoon or evening snack — it's completely up to each host.


We know that big ideas can spring from small conversations and that people invest in what they help create. At Central Carolina Community Foundation, we are committed to bringing people together to create a more generous, vibrant, and engaged community.

On the Table conversations are meant to bring a diversity of voices to the discussion of who we are, our vision for the future, and what we can do to get there together. What issues and opportunities should we address? And, what actions can we take together to make our communities better places for all residents?

what happens after october 22th?

All On the Table participants will be invited to complete a short email survey about their conversations that will cover important issues and themes, big ideas, and what matters most to them. We want to hear from every voice!

A report highlighting the survey response will be issued by the Community Foundation after On the Table and will help inform efforts to improve our community in the months ahead. You can view the report from 2018 here.

who is central carolina community foundation?

We are a nonprofit organization that links charitable people and businesses with areas of need in our community. Our mission is to promote, facilitate, and increase philanthropy to create a sustainable impact within our community through responsible giving. 

Founded in September 1984, the Community Foundation serves donors and organizations in 11 counties of the Midlands of South Carolina.

To learn more, visit our website at www.yourfoundation.org.