Participating in On the Table is easy!  We hope you will join us as a host, guest, or superhost on October 24, 2018.


host a table

A host commits to hosting a conversation on October 24, 2018 over breakfast, lunch, dinner, a coffee break, or any time in between. The invitation list is up to you —friends, family, colleagues, neighbors — and the conversation can be hosted anywhere.

Before the conversation, you'll receive a Host Toolkit with everything you need, including a conversation guide and suggested conversation prompts. You'll also be invited to attend Lead the Table, a special training and networking session.

Everyone is welcome to serve as a host.

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join a conversation

Many people will receive an invitation to attend an On the Table conversation from an individual or organizational host. If you're interested in participating but don't have a host, we invite you to attend a public table!

An updated list of public tables will be listed on the website soon. We'll continue to update the list as we near the initiative.  

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be a superhost

Superhosts are organizations — nonprofits, places of worship, businesses, schools, civic organizations, and others — that commit to hosting at least 5 tables, 6 to 12 people per table. If this describes your organization, please contact us at (803) 254-5601 or